remove comp.unix.xenix.misc? (Informal)

John F Haugh II jfh at
Sat Dec 22 00:42:57 AEST 1990

In article <2770BF0B.67A4 at tct.uucp> chip at tct.uucp (Chip Salzenberg) writes:
>According to bill at bilver.uucp (Bill Vermillion):
>>The group that should be removed is comp.unix.xenix and leave us with only
>>comp.unix.xenix.misc and comp.unix.xenix.sco.
>The removal of comp.unix.xenix was supposed to be a done deed.
>If your site still carries comp.unix.xenix, you are in the minority.
>I suggest you inform your administrator that comp.unix.xenix is an
>obsolete group and should be rmgrouped locally.

How about sending out a fresh batch of rmgroup's to clean up the
groups that should have been removed with the renaming?  It should
be part of the rmgroup/renaming guidelines (are you listening, Eliot?)
that rmgroups are executed again after some time period is up to
catch any people that haven't done the alias/rmgroup thingy.
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