Need help with two Xenix Problems

Warren Tucker wht at n4hgf.Mt-Park.GA.US
Fri Dec 7 07:59:19 AEST 1990

In article <75 at gdx.UUCP> jay at gdx.UUCP (Jay A. Snyder) writes:
>Stephen Milton (smm at writes:
>->First problem:
>->  So far the only comm utility that I can get  to work on my Xenix/286 machine
>->is cu.

Tru ECU :-) available from comp.sources.misc archives
(new version Real Soon Now).

>type at host prompt:
>then type:
>~$ sz </dev/ttyxx

The problem with standard cu is that it does not kill it's
receiver process when it forks with ~$, thus cu's rcvr swallows
some/much of the protocol traffic from the remote host.

Indeed, as the man page says, ~$ sends the OUTPUT of the forked
process to the line, but it, er, forks up your INPUT.
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