Need help with two Xenix Problems

Jean-Pierre Radley jpr at
Tue Dec 4 16:26:53 AEST 1990

In article <12181 at> smm at (Stephen Milton) writes:
>First problem:
>  So far the only comm utility that I can get  to work on my Xenix/286 machine
>is cu.  But how do you use sz or rz (zmodem) commands from within cu?  I've
>tried many different methods, but none seem to work.  

Cu can't do this. Xcmalt can. You can pick it up from slug/camco in Seattle.
If it compiles on 286, let me know, please.

>Second Problem:
>  I tried to get pcomm to work on my system and when it compiles it always 
>ends up with a passle of unresolved externals that I haven't been able 
>resolve.  i.e. why are they unresolved, and how do i fix them.

I never got it to work either.

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