Need help with two Xenix Problems

Scott O'Connell scotto at ipars.UUCP
Fri Dec 7 13:44:12 AEST 1990

In article <1990Dec4.080740.4252 at> paul at (Paul Gillingwater) writes:
>In article <19 at omen.UUCP> caf at omen.UUCP (Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX) writes:
>> -  So far the only comm utility that I can get  to work on my Xenix/286 machine
>> -is cu.  But how do you use sz or rz (zmodem) commands from within cu?  I've
>> -tried many different methods, but none seem to work.  
>> Rz and sz are not written to be used from within cu.  Professional-YAM is
>> designed for dial-out applications.
>Yam is good, but the manual is very confusing.  I have used rz and
>sz quite happily from within Kermit, which is widely available for

Yam is GREAT, but the manual is very confusing and the support sucks.

I've tried to get a Wyse 60 terminal to work with Yam for several weeks.  I 
have tried to use Chuck's GEnie account for support, but he only answers
some of my questions.  When I ask why specific questions weren't answered
he tells me to use voice support.  I don't want to run up a $20 phone call
to the NW when e-mail is available.

I don't know what I've done to warrant such treatment, but I'm tired of 
the problems in trying to deal with Omen Tech.

Does anyone have a Wyse 60 terminal working with Pro-YAM?  Here's my
configuration and the problems encountered:

Compaq 386/20, 8M
SCO Xenix 386 2.3.3 (the real 2.3.3 via xnx155b)
Equinox MegaPort 24 w/2.0.0 drivers
Wyse 60 terminal with ASCII Keyboard

Pro-YAM as installed works fine on the SCO console.  When I try to run
from the Wyse 60 terminal, the program comes up normally and all looks
fine, including the reverse video message "Hit F10 for help".  I 
should note that this terminal/serial port combination works fine with 
other application programs and to the modem with cu.

Pressing F10 on the Wyse keyboard does bring up the help screen, but
it's control codes aren't correct.  It comes across as a bunch of

The biggest problem is that when in terminal mode I loose complete 
control of the program.  I can't get back to command mode, I can't
talk to the modem, and I get random IOCTL error messages.  THIS NEVER

At CAF's request, I verified that "echo $TERM" from within Pro-YAM
returns "wy60" in reverse video.  I have also asked for an explanation
of the following:

My Pro-YAM was purchased roughly 2 years ago.  When purchased, the 
printed manual pages were Version 17.50 TurboDial 2.33.  I was told
to download the latest version of Yam which provided me with a "xman"
file which says it's Version 17.66 TurboDial 2.33.  When I actually
press F10 while in the latest Yam (1.2), it says Version 17.47 TurboDial


1.	What's the relation between Pro-YAM 1.2 and help/xman 
	versions 17.47, 17.50 and 17.66?

2.	What could *I* be doing wrong that would work fine at
	the console and not at the terminal?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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