Request for tape drive info

Karen Woolley karen at netcom.UUCP
Sun Oct 7 03:45:09 AEST 1990

Hello, netlanders!

I'm considering installing a tape backup in my SCO Xenix System V.2.3.1 (386,
20 Mhz).  I'd like to hear from anyone with experience with adding a tape
backup system to Xenix, specifically:

1.  Any recommendations (for/against) a particular type of tape backup?  From
    reading the manual, I gather that tape backups come in one of two forms --
    one with its own controller card, and the other than runs off the floppy
    controller.  I understand the separate controller card means faster 
    backups; speed is not a big issue.  Reliability, however, *is*.

2.  Any specific brand preferences or warnings?  I'm considering a Colorado 
    Memory Systems unit (low price, high capacity, slow speed), among others.  
    Any info appreciated.

3.  Has anyone experienced compatability problems?  From the manual, I see
    that the 'tape' command is not supposed to work with the 'mini' tapes,
    which I take to be those that run off of the floppy controller.  That's
    not such a big deal, as long as I can still use dd to retension the
    tape.  What else should I watch out for?

4.  Most important -- reliability.  I will be using this drive to back up
    my system periodically, probably nightly.  Any reliability information
    on specific tape drives would be greatly appreciated.

As always with a request of this type, I will be happy to summarize for the


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