Looking for DURANGO POPPY computer users, past & present!

Pete Holzmann pete at Octopus.COM
Tue Oct 30 16:01:29 AEST 1990

Here's another chance for the Net to do its stuff...

I received a telephone call out of the blue from a gentleman in Australia,
asking a few questions about the Durango Poppy computer. Now I've *heard*
of this system, but never used one; how he found my name and number is
an interesting story all by itself.

Be that as it may, this guy needs help. He is absolutely stuck with
this system for at least another year (due to the custom software he's
stuck with). He also is desparate to add more hard disk space.

Unfortunately, he's got nobody to turn to for help. The people who sold
him the system only a couple of years ago have disappeared.

QUESTION: Are there any reasonably knowledgeable Poppy users/dealers/
consultants out there? If you aren't one, do you know somebody who might
be one? Please get in touch with me if you might be able to help!

Thanks muchly,

Peter Holzmann, Octopus Enterprises   |(if you're a techie Christian & are
19611 La Mar Ct., Cupertino, CA 95014 |interested in helping w/ the Great
UUCP: {hpda,pyramid}!octopus!pete     |Commission, email dsa-contact at octopus)
DSA office ans mach=408/996-7746;Work (SMI) voice=408/985-7400,FAX=408/985-0859

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