Help in IBM PS/2-80 and SCO XENIX Micro Channel

rahman at rahman at
Wed Oct 17 10:14:03 AEST 1990

Dear Friends 

I will be using SCO XENIX on IBM PS/2 80 machine from next month. I have
not loaded operating system yet.

Would you please take trouble to mail me your good and bad experiences 
about that.

In the beginning I will use this machine as a single user at location [A], 
when I'll be done with loading the operating system and software then I will 
need to use it for two more users,

QUESTION:	What kind of multiuser card do I need to put in PS/2 80.

		What kind of terminal will you recommend. 

I want to use that file server from one remote location [B] for two more users,

QUESTION:	How can I use that file server which is in location A
		from location B.


Location A: 	user a, b and c

Location B:	user d and e.


Thank you for your help.


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