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Bill Vermillion bill at bilver.UUCP
Mon Oct 1 05:01:08 AEST 1990

In article <89 at mq.COM> alan at mq.COM (Alan H. Mintz) writes:
>Has anyone yet written a WordPerfect 5.0 (XENIX) terminal definition for
>the Tandy DT100 ?
>It seems that WPCorp, in their inifinite wisdom, released 5.0 with support
>for only a handful of terminals (as opposed to the NLA 4.2, which used
>up MUCH less memory and supported hundreds of terminals).

You mean you DON'T consider a 1.7meg executeable small. :-)

>I sat down with the skimpy DT100 manual and tried to create the definition,
>but there were too many holes.

I had a client on 4.2 and converted to 5.0.  The utilities on 5 don't seem
to be the same as 4.2, but I copied a terminal def or two, and modified or
renamed them under 4.2.  I then copied these over to 5.

As to the DT100 - tell the system that it's a Wyse75 and you should be in
good shape.  (or was that a Wyse85).  The DT100 is just a rebranded Wysexx.

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