ST296N SCSI & ST01 controller problems

Mark JeskeChicago Consultant markj at
Sun Oct 14 12:30:42 AEST 1990

In article <1990Oct13.144925.11577 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> fh8n at hopper.cs.Virginia.EDU (Frank Houston) writes:
>	I am having trouble trying to get my computer to work with
>a ST01 hard disk controller and a st296N hard drive. The computer
>is a 386/25 clone with 4 megs of ram using CHIPS  & TECHNOLOGIES
>chip set. The system boots fine from the hard disk under 
>dos 3.3. However, when I boot with an SCO boot disk or Minix,
>I get the error. 
>	I have attemped to use my hard drive and controller on a
> northgate super micro system. When I tried the SCO
> unix boot disk , I got the error
>Can the st01 controller work with operating systems other 
>   than dos?

Sco supports only a number of scsi controllers, and I'm pretty sure that
the st01/st02 controllers are not included.  You should contact sco for
a list of supported controllers for whatever version you have.

Mark Jeske
Informix Software
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