tex/metafont for xenix 2.0?

ACMFIU acmfiu at serss0.fiu.edu
Fri Feb 15 16:27:14 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb12.231433.13640 at nntp-server.caltech.edu> gwoho at nntp-server.caltech.edu (g liu) writes:
>is there tex/metafont for xenix 2.0?
>i didn't look, but my impression is that the source is in pascal.
>are there any freely copyable pascal compilers?
>are there any freely copyable pascal to c compilers?
>would it be dumb to put the thing through a pascal to c compiler, then
>put it through a c compiler?
>thank you for any responses.
>gwoho liu.

i would suggest going the route of a pascal to C compiler (well, not a 
compiler but a translator). i'm putting the finishing touches on a shell
script that handles the conversion of tex.web to C using Dave Gillespies
p2c program. i also use csplit and sed to do some things. i've compiled
the result (i split up the resulting tex.c file into 45+ C files composed
of the various parts of TeX ... see computers and typesetting vol. 2 for
info on these parts). anyway, TeX seems to work fine, although i haven't
passed the trip test yet. i'm double checking things to make sure i haven't
done anything wrong.

i've used the initex.ch file from the web2c conversion utility as a base
for the conversion of this. i've made some modifications and it seems to
work well.


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