3c503 etherus interruptus

Rich Brennan brennan at merk.UUCP
Sat Feb 16 15:01:13 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb3.225956.28698 at m2xenix.psg.com> news at m2xenix.psg.com (Randy Bush) writes:
>Xenix (2.3.3 and TCP 1.0.1b with all the latest XNXs)
>When TCP is installed and configured, it runs just fine (name service,
>resolver, and all), but tty2a/tty2A is dead as a doornail while tty1a/1A is
>fine.  Note that tty2a uses Int-3, and tty1a uses Int-4.  The 3comB was
>configured (at device install time, mkdev 3comB) to use interrupt 2.

When I used a WD8003 on a Xenix system, the kernel I was running saw the
ethernet board at I/O address 0x280, and thought it was a TANDON multiport
board! From /usr/adm/messages:

%fpu      -		35	-	type=80387
%floppy   0x3F2-0x3F7	06	2	unit=0 type=96ds15
%floppy   -		-	-	unit=1 type=135ds18
%serial   0x3F8-0x3FF	04	-	unit=0 type=Standard nports=1
%serial   0x280-0x287	03	-	unit=1 type=TANDON nports=4
%parallel 0x3BC-0x3BE	07	-	unit=1

There went /dev/tty2* ("COM2"). If the board comes up defaulting to that
address, your Xenix may also see it as a TANDON board. Check /usr/adm/messages
for something like the above.

To solve it, what I did was to go into /usr/sys/io, and edit sioconf.c so
that any boards which had an address in that range, and deleted the line so
the kernel wouldn't auto configure that board.

I can't help you with the DOS problem, sorry.

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