3c503 etherus interruptus

Sue Klefstad klefstad at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 8 01:42:31 AEST 1991

news at m2xenix.psg.com (Randy Bush) writes:

>I am having problems with 3c503s interfering with serial ports, both in Xenix
>and MS-DOS.  I believe it has to do with interrupts. 
>If I use NCSA ftp or telnet with CONFIG.TEL saying to use Int-2, both of the
>serial ports (COM1: and COM2:) are useless (by my interrupt-driven FOSSIL
>software) until I power cycle the box (no reset button available).

>The same software with a 3c501 jumpered for Int-2 causes no problems.

The 3C503 defaults to interrupt 3.  If you're using a DEVICE=ETH503.SYS
in your config.sys, you'll need to specify interrupt 2 there:

-- Sue
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