backup program for xenix?

Bill Vermillion bill at bilver.uucp
Mon Feb 18 09:26:11 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb17.065756.14535 at> gwoho at (g liu) writes:
>is there a pd/freely copyable backup program that will work on xenix?
>backup to floppy, that is.
>is there a better way than tar+split+cp to floppy?
>i just want to do strait complete file backups. i also would like
>a reasonable ability to recover from floppy disk errors.
>error correction would be good, but at least having errors wipe out
>only one file rather then the rest of the set would be nice.

Why do you want to do the tar then the split and then the copy.

What's wrong with   tar cv2 <>

(Assuming 2 is the proper number in your /etc/defaults/tar file)

Passed the media size and blocking factor tar will gracefully put
everything you need out there.

There is a tarskip program on the net (a year or so ago) allowing
you to go past any bad files.

As to floppy errors, use good quality floppies, and backup often.
You could also re-read the floppies to make sure they were okay.

I do this on archiving.  I tar them off, read them back in on
another machine.  When I know the floppy is readable I remove the
originals.  If it is an important file I make two copies.

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