backup program for xenix?

Jonathan Bayer jbayer at ispi.COM
Mon Feb 18 03:06:05 AEST 1991

gwoho at (g liu) writes:

>is there a pd/freely copyable backup program that will work on xenix?
>backup to floppy, that is.
>is there a better way than tar+split+cp to floppy?
>i just want to do strait complete file backups. i also would like
>a reasonable ability to recover from floppy disk errors.
>error correction would be good, but at least having errors wipe out
>only one file rather then the rest of the set would be nice.

>gwoho liu.

Yes.  Use the sysadmin script.  Only problem is that it doesn't do any
error recovery if the floppy is bad.

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