backup program for xenix?

Bill Vermillion bill at bilver.uucp
Thu Feb 21 01:50:08 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb19.154228.6510 at> ronald at (Ronald S H Khoo) writes:
>bill at bilver.uucp (Bill Vermillion) writes:
>> As to floppy errors, use good quality floppies, and backup often.
>> You could also re-read the floppies to make sure they were okay.
>But don't re-read them using tar tv2 because that *seeks* and thus
>does not re-read all the data.  Do tar tvf - < /dev/install (or whatever)
 Absolutely.  There was a program called cktar on the net a few months ago.
 It gets the names from the tar device looks in the directory for a
 matching name, and then does a byte by byte compare.

It also is supposed to report for problems  matching UID's, GID's, and time
of modification difference, and will give a position in the file where the
comparison failed.  I don't know if those work because I run the check
after backing up so none of those have changed.

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