2.9 BSD / Networking (BOF)

Keith Bostic keith at seismo.UUCP
Thu May 2 02:47:09 AEST 1985

There will be a 2.9 BSD BOF meeting at 8: p.m. Wednesday,
June 12th, someplace in the Marriott.  The location will
be posted in the conference booklet and on the meeting

This meeting will be a follow-up to the meeting in Dallas.

As some of you know, several people have been working on the
2.9 networking code, mostly to get the various application
level programs running and to make the system installable
by the average site.  A first cut at the system is ready;
discussion will center around what we've done to 2.9 so far,
what still needs to be done, and how we should handle distribution.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

	Keith Bostic
		ARPA: keith at seismo
		UUCP: seismo!keith

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