Usenix/Stargate BOF

Lauren Weinstein lauren at vortex.UUCP
Sun May 5 19:00:04 AEST 1985

In fact, I wouldn't mind just calling the BOF I was planning
the Usenet/Stargate BOF and covering any and all related issues 
tied to either or both groups.

It might well be more efficient than trying to separate into two 
BOFs and could avoid a lot of duplicated discussions.  If there
are issues specific to Usenet or Stargate (instead of both)
that's fine too--the intersection of people interested in all the 
topics should be fairly high.  One combined BOF would probably 
be better attended than two separate ones, given the other
events going on at the conference.  This BOF should also make for
a fun get-together to help associate faces with network addresses....


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