request for Colorado USENIX registration info

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.CSNET
Fri Oct 25 04:19:54 AEST 1985

I am posting this instead of just replying, since it should be of a wide
enough interest.

To get info on USENIX conferences, call their conference office at
the following number:

	(213) 592-3243

I called them last week. The pre-registration bulletin/packet thingy
(what a technical term!) is at the typesetters now and should be mailed
out by the second week in November.

They are switching to a per-day cost basis, you will have a choice each day
of attending one technical session or one of five tutorials. The costs are
as follows:

	1 day  - $150
	2 days -  250
	3 days -  300 (i.e. the whole conference)

Deadline is 12/27 to pre-register. They are using the Marriot city Center Hotel,
rates are $75/night single, $85 double, deadline for the hotel is 12/24.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it, give Usenix a call to double

I wish I was going..... Guess I'll have to wait until July '86, when it'll
be in town.
Arnold Robbins
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