request for Colorado USENIX registration info

Curtis Jackson rcj at burl.UUCP
Thu Oct 24 04:20:25 AEST 1985

I've seen all the articles in here about places to ski around the
conference  ;-)  but I've yet to see one that tells me how to get
registered for it.  Could someone please mail me the info on how
to come by the registration?

If you, too, would like to know, just drop me mail and I'll either mail
you individually or post, depending on volume.

Thanks very muchly in advance,

The MAD Programmer -- 919-228-3313 (Cornet 291)
alias: Curtis Jackson	...![ ihnp4 ulysses cbosgd mgnetp ]!burl!rcj
			...![ ihnp4 cbosgd akgua masscomp ]!clyde!rcj

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