announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

Brent Chapman chapman at cory.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 2 11:17:01 AEST 1986

In article <3815 at amdahl.UUCP> chongo at amdahl.UUCP (Landon Curt Noll) writes:
>Heck, folks can just plunk down $'s at the CS library at Berkeley can obtain
>a set of manuals.  Thats how I got my 4.2BSD set.  Has something happened
>with 4.3BSD?  Why can't Usenix provide a service for folks who can't get
>to Berkeley?  (or even for folks who can?)

Several (possible) problems with that now:

A) The "CS Library" you refer to, where you used to be able to get
	manual sets and lotsa other goodies (that's where I got mine),
	has closed.  The "lotsa other goodies" have been divided up
	among several sources, now, including other campus libraries,
	the campus bookstore, and a local copy shop.  It is unclear
	what will happen about UNIX manuals.  I hope they'll end up
	at the campus bookstore, but I'm not counting on it.

B) The materials, if available, may be restricted to purcchase by 
	staff/students only.  I don't think this is likely, though.

C) When I got my 4.2 set from the CS Library, I couldn't get the system 
	administrator's manual.  I don't know if there is (was) a
	policy restricting such sales to students, or if they were
	simply out of the manuals.

Brent Chapman

chapman at	or	ucbvax!cory!chapman

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