announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Oct 2 21:12:12 AEST 1986

Brent, if you're talking about the CC library, then I can provide answers.

In article <419 at zen.BERKELEY.EDU> chapman at cory.Berkeley.EDU.UUCP (Brent Chapman) writes:
>B) The materials, if available, may be restricted to purcchase by 
>	staff/students only.  I don't think this is likely, though.

Nope. The CC library will sell to anyone with cash or a CC accounting
number (yes, Brent, you could charge manuals to your violet account :-).

>C) When I got my 4.2 set from the CS Library, I couldn't get the system 
>	administrator's manual.  I don't know if there is (was) a
>	policy restricting such sales to students, or if they were
>	simply out of the manuals.

The library made a stupid mistake. They didn't think that many people
would want them (which is probably correct - anywhere but at a large
university) and ordered hundred+ of the basic four, and 22 (count'em,
twenty two) of the administrators manuals. The CC staff immediately
got those.


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