Wanted past USENIX papers (is their an archive)?

Edward Wilkinson edward at csvaxa.UUCP
Sat Aug 6 03:29:42 AEST 1988

   In article <460 at icus.UUCP> lenny at icus.UUCP (Lenny Tropiano) writes:
   >Is there a archive site that keep the papers that are published at
   >USENIX conferences? 

Me too, please! Here in  Palmerston Nowhere in  this  tiny (3)  island
nation, we'd really appreciate a source for  these papers as well. The
rest of the world  seems  so far away,  although Usenet brings it much

Also, collecting such papers on  a tape in source form  is far  better
than filing  away bulky  old photocopies.  e.g.  can  grep for  stuff.
Thanks in advance.

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