Wanted past USENIX papers (is their an archive)?

George W. Leach reggie at pdn.UUCP
Fri Aug 5 21:06:37 AEST 1988

In article <359 at coma.UUCP> axel at coma.UUCP (Axel Mahler) writes:
>In article <460 at icus.UUCP> lenny at icus.UUCP (Lenny Tropiano) writes:

>>Is there a archive site that keep the papers that are published at
>>USENIX conferences?  Papers by people like Kernighan, Honeyman, etc...
>>Papers on security, network (USENET), pathalias, etc..

>Just in case there isn't such an archive, it sounds like a VERY nice
>idea to have one. Especially here in Europe it is particularly hard
>to get hands on USENIX proceedings. I wonder if USENIX asc. has the
>resources, and the willingness to set up such an archive. If this 
>archive could be polled via E-mail, the world would look a bit brighter
>to me. 

       And in the USA it is not exactly easy to obtain proceedings from
the EUUG Conferences and those held by other UNIX User Groups throughout
the world.  Perhaps this idea could be expanded to incorporate papers
from all such conferences and workshops with the various organizations
working together on this.

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