Local Usenix Chapters

Steve C. Simmons scs at itivax.UUCP
Wed Aug 3 01:59:37 AEST 1988

Recently we formed what we thought was a local chapter of USENIX.
We contacted the national to ask what we should do, and they were
no help -- they literally said "do what you want, and let us know
afterwards."  That sounded pretty odd, but we went ahead and now
there is a Michigan Usenix [[if you'd like to join, send mail to
mi-usenix-request at lokkur.uucp]].  We let them know, and they said
they'd put a note in the next ;login.

But after looking over the ;login. entry, it doesn't look like
we're a local chapter.  In fact, *none* of the groups listed look
like they're local chapters.  They all look like UNIX groups that
;login. is kind enough to provide listings for.  So . . . 

Is there any such a thing as a local chapter?  If not, somebody'd
better tell the office -- we were very clear about what we were
doing.  Should we stop using the name?

Should there be locals?  Obviously there's a bunch of folks in
Southeast Michigan who think so -- about 100 at last count.

Steve Simmons		...!umix!itivax!vax3!scs
Industrial Technology Institute, Ann Arbor, MI.
"You can't get here from here."

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