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In article <3410 at encore.UUCP> paradis at encore.UUCP (Jim Paradis) writes:

>For that matter, I have the 4.3BSD manual order form in front of me,
>and it too says: "The USENIX Association is proud to announce that it
>will be sponsoring production of the 4.3BSD UNIX Manuals for its
>Institutional and Supporting members."  Once again, it APPEARS as
>though individual members are excluded from ordering the manuals.
>Is this correct, or am I reading too much into the form?

     This was the case in the past.  In fact, I remember ordering 4.2 BSD
manuals while at Bellcore.   Because Bellcore was an institutional member
this was possible.  However, there was only one person within the entire
company who was authorized to sign the form!

     In the September/October, 1987 issue of ;login: on page 10 the 
announcement was made that 4.3 manuals are now available to *all*
USENIX members.  I do believe that you must also be a holder of a
UNIX (tm)/32V license, or some derivative of it.

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