Software Distribution Tape

Ellie Young ellie at usenix.UUCP
Thu Aug 3 06:42:29 AEST 1989

Plus Five  Tape

The 1989 USENIX software tape is ready for 
release.  It contains Plus5 software (thousands of files
of public domain software) and requires no AT&T or UC license. 
It has just been mailed to all institutional and
supporting members of the Association.  The tape is in
tar format at 6250 bpi.

Individual members of USENIX who wish to obtain a copy of the tape 
may request it from the Association Office (office at 
The price is $60 (includes domestic postage, foreign individuals
wil be billed for the additional postage).  
You will be sent a "Tape Release Form." 
which should be returned to the Association.  Check, purchase
orders, or payment by VISA/MC are accepted.  Please allow 2
weeks for receipt of your order.

The tape is not available to non-members of the USENIX Association.

USENIX Association
2560 Ninth St Ste 215
Berkeley, CA  94710

Tel: 415-528-8649
e-mail: office at

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