Out-of-Print USENIX Proceedings

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Wed Oct 18 04:51:47 AEST 1989

Out-of-Print USENIX Proceedings Now Available

     The Association has photocopied, bound sets of most of its past workshop
and conference proceedings available for purchase.

             CONFERENCE                                     COST
             San Diego               1983 Winter           $28.00
             Toronto                 1983 Summer            32.00
             Washington D.C.         1984 Winter            25.00
             Salt Lake City          1984 Summer            29.00
             Dallas                  1985 Winter            15.00
             Portland                1985 Summer            45.00
             Denver                  1986 Winter            25.00
             Atlanta                 1986 Summer            37.00
             Phoenix                 1987 Summer            35.00
             Dallas                  1988 Winter            26.00
             San Francisco           1988 Summer            29.00

             Systems Admin. I        1987 Philadelphia       4.00
             Systems Admin. II       1988 Monterey           8.00
             Security                1988 Portland           7.00
             Graphics II             1985 Monterey           7.00

             NOT AVAILABLE
             Delaware Conference
             Graphics I Workshop

     The above prices include domestic postage.  (Orders outside the USA
should contact the Association for rates.)  Prepayment is required.  Check,
purchase orders, or payments by VISA/MC are accepted.  (For charge orders
please include card number, expiration date, and your signature.)  Please
allow two weeks for receipt of your order.  Send orders to the USENIX
Association, 2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215, Berkeley, CA  94710.

     Reprints of individual papers from all proceedings are available for
$5.00 each; contact the Association Office.

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