Peter Salus peter at
Tue Nov 13 01:57:58 AEST 1990

Volume 3 of COMPUTING SYSTEMS is nearly done:
3.4 will go to the University of California
Press shortly, and (if it isn't stuck in the 
Christmas mail) will get to you either at the 
very end of the year or the first week of the New

As Managing Editor, most of my job is nagging 
folks: authors, reviewers, typesetters, printers.

So here I am:  send in more articles.  I want 
more papers to read (and reject).  Over the 
first three years, we have published just over 
40 papers.  We had 237 submitted.  This means 
that we published ~18% of what we received.
(Some of that 82% is being revised and, I hope 
will be resubmitted.)

Quality remains high because we can be selective.
But if you guys don't submit, the flow will 

Submissions should come to me at
	peter at
	peter at
	peter at
	journal at

Peter H. Salus
Managing Editor
The difference between practice and theory in practice is always
greater than the difference between practice and theory in theory. 

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