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Toni Veglia toni at usenix.ORG
Thu Nov 22 05:02:41 AEST 1990

In Message-Id <1990Nov17.082513.9367 at> Brad Templeton

>Recently I renewed my membership in Usenix.  I paid using my $U.S. checking
>(chequing) account at Canada Trust, a Canadian bank-like object.  

>But USENIX sent my cheque back to me -- they are one of many U.S. outfits
>that say "check drawn in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank."  I had the former
>but not the latter.  Most outfits that put on that warning take cheques
>drawn in U.S. dollars on CDN banks, but Usenix is not one.   (So I paid
>on credit card.)

>Why is this?

Our current policy is to accept payment in US funds by a VISA or
Mastercard, by an international postal money order, or by a check drawn 
on a US bank.

This is not meant to be rude or discriminatory to those outside of the
USA.  We ask for this type of check  because our bank currently charges
us a $25 processing fee to process checks drawn on foreign banks, 
whether they are in US funds or foreign funds.  I checked with other
banks in Berkeley, and they have similar policies.  

We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience to our members.  We are
grateful that most seem to be able to accommodate us by using their
charge cards, money orders or special bank accounts.

Toni  Veglia
Administrative Assistant

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