Help needed: Disk "Scrubber" sought

retants at retants at
Wed Sep 19 13:51:55 AEST 1990

(I apologize if I post this to any improper groups.)

We are in need of a disk "scrubber" to declassify devices on 
a UNIX machine, preferably an HP9000.  It must write patterns out
to the device and verify three passes:
   1) all zero's
   2) all one's
   3) a random pattern of zero's and one's.

Our need is immediate, i.e. Monday, Sept. 24th.  If you can supply
such an item or point us in the  direction of where to look, please
reply BY EMAIL to this account, or call Kathy Lahr at (315)456-7626.
I do not read these groups regularly, so a posting will not be seen.

Thank you for your assistance.

   Becca Tants, Computer Operations Engineering, General Electric Aerospace
        Government Electronic Systems Division, Syracuse, New York
                       RETANTS at RODAN.ACS.SYR.EDU

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