Proceedings (was Re: Usenix papers archive (was Re: Blazon to Postscript))

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Sun Jun 30 08:33:08 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun27.142401.7792 at> harrison at (Mark Harrison) writes:

>Has anyone considered archiving the papers presented at the Usenix
>conferences?  The individual authors generally don't seem to mind
>sending copies.

The Nashville conference had two excellent tracks and at times it was
hard to decide which talk to attend.  Unfortunately, only one track
had corresponding papers in the proceedings.  Would it be possible to
publish in the conference proceedings, at the very least the
abstracts, and preferably full papers for all tracks?  I realize this
might lead to an even bulkier and more expensive book, but otherwise I
don't have anything to look at for the second track to help me decide
which talk to go to or for later reference.


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