need summary of final Nashville session

Robert Williams robertw at
Thu Jun 27 02:47:52 AEST 1991

|> In <1991Jun21.195951.20704 at> rcd at (Dick Dunn) writes:
|> =>Does anyone have a summary of the final panel session at Nashville (the
|> =>"Who owns your work?")?

I imagine that there is a fairly high demand for a summary from this panel -- 
it was well attended, and very interesting.  At another conference that I
attended, the sessions were taped (with the presenter's permission), and the
tapes were made available for sale during the conference, and afterwards.  It was
a great feature of the conference, and one that I would like to see at Usenix --
especially for panel sessions and the invited talks.  Even better would be a
videotape -- the main conference room was shown on a video screen, and I would
have loved to see a tape of some of the panels and/or invited talks that I missed.
I don't think that such a feature would have been too useful for the paper
presentations, since they're in the proceedings anyway.
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