Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Ross Alexander rwa at cs.athabascau.ca
Wed Jun 26 03:20:23 AEST 1991

dricejb at drilex.UUCP (Craig Jackson drilex1) writes:
>Actually, as I remember, the Town & Country is in an area called 'Hotel 
>Circle', which is a little valley which contains almost nothing except
> [more hotels :-)]
>San Diego does have some nice downtown areas (love the cinnamon buns
>at Horton Plaza) but I'm not sure if there are any decent convention
>hotels there.  Of course, since it's southern California, everyone
>is expected to drive.

A friend and I walked from Hotel Circle out to the harbour and marina
Sunday afternoon (Winter 89, as I remember - it was -45 C at home is
the part that sticks in my memory).  It was a pleasant stroll.

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