service problem with uunet? cancel your acct, see what happens!

Paul Colley pacolley at
Wed Mar 27 00:27:23 AEST 1991

To pick one point of Mark's article:

In article <3625 at dagobah.UUCP> mis at (Mark Seiden) writes:
>on mar 2 i informed uunet by email to cancel service, and they jerked
>me around for several days wanting it in writing,

Hmmm, maybe you should look at the contract you signed when you
started service with them?

The contract I have clearly states that service can only be cancelled
by a request in ***WRITING***

Seems to me that you are being obstinate in not providing what you've
contracted to do...

(I presume this clause is because of the ease of forging Email, to
prevent other obnoxious people from cancelling your account).

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