D Finding USENIX conference proceedings

Alan Peery Alan.Peery at samba.acs.unc.edu
Wed Mar 20 14:43:32 AEST 1991

I'm trying to locate a library (or a person) with a copy of the
following USENIX proceedings:

     Proceedings of USENIX 1985 Summer conference 
     1986 Summer USENIX Conference Proceedings
     1987 Summer USENIX Conference Proceedings

If you know of a library, or if you would be willing to copy three articles
for a grad student stuck out in the wilds of Wyoming, send me email

     peery at outlaw.uwyo.edu


Alan Peery
Grad student in Computer Science at the University of Wyoming
	Extended Bulletin Board Service, Research & Development
Office of Information Technology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
	      internet: bbs.acs.unc.edu or

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