Tuning information for ISC 386/ix

Jim Frost madd at bu-cs.BU.EDU
Sat Sep 23 04:52:49 AEST 1989

In article <14663 at haddock.ima.isc.com> trb at haddock.ima.isc.com (Andrew Tannenbaum) writes:
|Here's my stune file, in case it might help:

The things to tune are NBUF, NSTREAM, NQUEUE, and the NBLK parameters.
I took the default tuning after installing the thing and changed
NSTREAM to 96 (64 will work but it's close with X11, the default
number (24?) is far too low), NQUEUE to 400, and NBLK128 to 256 (it
failed at the default of 128, causing things to hang strangely).

Performance improved dramatically with these changes.  Thanks to all
who helped.

jim frost
software tool & die
madd at std.com

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