Mylex SCSI Controller

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Wed Sep 27 08:13:45 AEST 1989

In article <22542 at> cliffhanger at (Cliff C Heyer) writes:
>Hopefully the Mylex will give 386 land the
>*first* board that gives 900KB/sec disk I/O
>like the Amiga (at Amiga prices hopefully)

That's funny...

The WD1007/WA2 has been clocked here at 950KB/second (ESDI 10 Mhz).  I
understand that the WD1008 (15Mhz ESDI) has been clocked at over
1300KB/second, although I haven't seen that one myself.  The DPT boards 
have been clocked at that rate (950KB/sec) on cache misses.  On cache
hits the DPT board is off the top of scale on our tests; that is in 
excess of 4MB/sec!

While the Mylex board may very well be nice, it's a bummer that it's limited
to the Mylex motherboards....of course, given the differences in 32-bit
slots I understand the limitations...

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