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John P. Nelson jpn at
Wed Sep 27 05:28:10 AEST 1989

I've got an application where a '386 machine running UNIX appears to be
the appropriate platform.  However, I've got a question:  Do any of the
'386 UNIX'es (or ANY OTHER commercial UNIXes, for that matter) support
"threads" (i.e. multiple flows of control sharing the same task
image)?  If not, I guess I'll have to resort to using shared memory
segments or something, but it would make my job much easier (and the
resulting application much more responsive) if true "threads" were

I know SUN's unix has a sort of thread emulation library (using longjmp
etc.) but it has the fundamental problem that if any of the threads
blocks in a system call, all threads block - Unfortunately, this is why
I want threads in the first place!

If you have any information (positive or negative) please send EMAIL
(I will summarize any responses).  If this was discussed recently and
I missed it, I apologize in advance.

     john nelson

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