Franchise Opportunity

Mark J. DeFilippis mark at promark.UUCP
Tue Sep 5 13:21:20 AEST 1989

In article <967 at utoday.UUCP>, greenber at utoday.UUCP (Ross M. Greenberg) writes:
> Here's how *I* use the ads (not just in UNIX Today! but in those other
> UNIX magazines -- can't remember their names right now.. :-) ).  I look

They are UNIX WORLD AND UNIX REVIEW.  They all look alike.  At the University
I usually get one of the three stuffed in my mailbox in the Mathematics and
Computer Science Department.  I admit I never noticed your articles, but
then again I am at least as busy as most of the people on this net.

> Getting this kinda stuff out of this newsgroup, 'cause it doesn't belong
> here, I look forward to receiving mail telling us where we done good, and
> where we done bad.  

Oh, now we are supposed to provide you with marketing data.  Hum... like
those reader response cards in the back of the mags.

The sheer amount of crap from you that I have to cat > /dev/null is really
pissing me off.  And now multiple newsgroups.  Great! Just like
using an overpowered CB on channel 18.  We are spashing
channel 17 and 19!  I am sure everyone "tuned in to those channels"
is as tickled pink about it as I am.

I said I was an opinionated guy. :-).  I guess human nature is what it is.

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