Archive tape (was Re: Xenix vs. Unix?)

Al Evans al at crucible.UUCP
Mon Sep 25 00:12:59 AEST 1989

In article <1989Sep22.004512.13482 at xicom.uucp> alex at xicom.UUCP (Alex Laney) writes:
:This may be the Archive device driver. I am running Unix 3.2 with a device
:driver they supplied that was really for Unix 3.0. (It was fun creating the
:new device driver files for it)
:Anyway, I get the same behaviour. Now, when I run with RFS enabled, the
:device driver fails with a "not enough memory" error. It runs fine under
:single-user mode, but does this two tries kind of mode often.
:The Unix 3.2 I'm running on this box is Interactive 2.0.1, so I think it
:is Archive's device driver.

Why not call 'em up and get a new one? I just installed an Archive tape
drive on my machine (ISC 2.0.2). I called Archive (800-237-4929) and 
spoke to Lisa (x5557). She sent it out the same day. The driver installed
with minimal hassle (I had to do the kernel rebuild manually after using
the supplied tape drive control program to change configuration, since
their installation script assumes you haven't had to change any jumpers
on the card -- fat chance :-). It works just fine. After the absolutely
*execrable* "documentation" that came with the drive, I was surprised
and very pleased by the helpfulness and friendliness of their tech
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