Running X11 with a 2 button PS/2 mouse

Marko Puumalainen s32908a at
Thu Sep 28 16:41:23 AEST 1989

In article <309 at bulus3.BMA.COM> haugen at bulus3.BMA.COM (John M. Haugen) writes:
>I currently have Interactive's X11 product running on a PS2 type machine.  The
>mouse on the system is only a 2 button mouse, not a 3 button that X11 prefers.
>Is there any way to map the third button to another key or a combination of
>the other two mouse buttons?

Source: A Beginner's Guide to the X Window System (Version 11)
HP 9000 Series 300 Computers.

X11 in HP can also be used with two-button mouse. The middle button is
generated by pressing both buttons simultaneously. I'm not saying this
is going to work in your case but I quess it's worth trying.


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