Xenix vs. Unix? (Maynard Tape Drives)

Dr. T. Andrews tanner at cdis-1.uucp
Thu Sep 14 02:29:14 AEST 1989

In article <5302 at ucdavis.ucdavis.edu>, tuck at iris.ucdavis.edu (Devon Tuck) writes:
) ... it appears that Maynard has chosen a name for a low-level 
) interrupt which is identical to one in [ ... ] ... You must
) create two versions of the Xenix kernel: one with networking and no
) archival caps, and the other with the Maynstream driver,
An alternative is to use a little program to rename the symbols in
one or the other of the driver files.  We originally hacked up such
a program because we needed to make libraries for different compilers
less incompatible.

Once you have edited the symbol names in the object files, edit the
master config file or c.c and list the new names for the edited driver.

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