com2 under 386/ix

Steven H. Izen izen at
Sun Sep 3 15:20:54 AEST 1989

In article <16 at nstar.UUCP> Larry Snyder says
>I am having a problem getting COM2 up and running under Interactive
>Unix V 3.2 2.02.  COM1 works just fine, but I want to run multiple
>serial ports using uucp to make outgoing calls.  

I'm using 386/ix 2.0.1 with their standard asy driver, with both ports 
connected to 2400 baud modems.  I use COM2 for UUCP with no problems, and with
a modification of their sysadm scripts I use COM1 for both dial in and dial
out, toggling between the two states with a hacked copy of the sysadm scripts.

To enable COM2 I added a line to cd /etc/conf/sdevice.d/asy  to make it look
like the following:

asy     Y       1       7       1       3       2f8     2ff     0       0
asy     Y       1       7       1       4       3f8     3ff     0       0

then rebuilt the kernel.  I don't remember whether I had to use mknod to set up
the special device /dev/tty01, but if you have to, as root type

mknod /dev/tty01 c 3 1

(I haven't been able to get the modem control minor device to work-the driver
just hangs for some unkonown reason when I use minor device 17).

Incidentally, as far as the uugetty problem goes,  I borrowed a copy of the 
uugetty from a friend using Intel (nee Bell Tech) unix, to see if it would work
right.  His didn't work right either under 386/ix, but he claims it does work
right on his system.

One more comment on setup of the incoming port.  I found that I needed to 
disable the modem's messages (eg. connect 2400) to prevent the modem and 
uugetty from going into a infinite loop upon disconnect. The modem was saying
"no carrier" and uugetty thought that was an attempt to login, sent characters
to the modem which were promptly echoed back,etc.  Many months later, while
bugging :-) ISC tech support about some other problems I mentioned that one.
I figured they'd tell me how to do it correctly.  They told me to do what I
described above.  Does anyone out there know a better way?  Obviously turning
off the messages will break any uucp communications going out on that line, and
since I read here on the net that ISC claims to have fixed uugetty...

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