Miniscribe 340 MB Drive

Chip Salzenberg chip at tct.uucp
Wed Jun 13 01:11:37 AEST 1990

According to dab at (david.a.berk):
>I am contemplating purchasing a Miniscribe 340 MB ESDI drive
>model M9830E.   Anyone have any experiences with this drive?

The machine "tct" runs off of one of these.  It works fine in a Compaq
Deskpro 386/25.

Some time ago I reported that it was generating spontaneous bad
blocks.  Eventually I had to reformat it, because the bad track table
was full.  I used the Compaq diagnostics to do a low-level format.
Presto!  The format came up clean, and no more bad blocks since then.
Chip, the new t.b answer man      <chip at tct.uucp>, <uunet!ateng!tct!chip>

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