Help building GNU emacs 18.55

Thomas Keffer keffer at
Tue Mar 13 02:38:09 AEST 1990

In article <302 at mtune.ATT.COM> dwp at mtune.ATT.COM (David Preisler) writes:
>In article <186 at nimbus3.UUCP>, djs at nimbus3.UUCP (Doug) writes:
>> I've been trying to build GNU emacs 18.55 on an AT&T 6386 running
>> System V/386 Release 3.2.2.  In config.h I used m-intel386.h and 
>> s-usg5-3.h.  In s-usg5-3.h, I defined HAVE_PTYS and SYSV_PTYS since
>> the system seems to have them.
>> During the build, the compile dies in sysdep.c because
>> the include file <sys/sioctl.h> does not exist.  
>> I commented out the include line as suggested by
>> a comment in sysdep.c.  After doing that, the compile dies because 
>> it does not know the size of a struct named tchar.
>>    ...
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>> Doug Scofea   Email: osu-cis!nimbus3!djs   Phone:(614) 794-2853

I, too, had this problem.  The cure I used was to simply include

	#undef TIOCGETC

somewhere around line 131, just after a similar declaration for XENIX.  

Everything compiled and worked fine after that.  

Now, if I could just switch the backspace and delete keys (not as
simple as simply restructuring keyboard-translate-table which switches
^h and del, not the keys themselves).  Suggestions?


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