lockup porblems w/ archive FastTape and WD1006VSR2

Charles D'Englere cld at kd4nc.UUCP
Wed Mar 7 00:57:25 AEST 1990

Dante_A_Nicolello at cup.portal.com writes:

>I have a system running ISC 2.02 with a WD1006VSR2 RLL HD controller
>and I just added an Archive FastTape. When I do a backup the drive and
>the tape lock with both the HD and Tape data transfer LEDs frozen
>on. The VT still work, but no disk I/O. I have to reset the computer.
>I tried adjusting the jumpers to slow down the I/O bus speed, but
>even at its slowest setting, the problem sometimes happens.
>I have a 25 mhz 64 cache tiawan mother board with an AMI bios which
>has worked great with everything. I need some help in nawworing down
>the problem. I assume it is either with the Tape drive or the
>HD controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

>					Dante

>dante at super68.UUCP or rutgers!cmcl2!dasys1!super68!dante

Try removing the jumper marked KK on the controller board. This should
take care of your problem. The older FasTape controller boards will not
work correctly in any 20mHz or above system without remove the KK jumper.
The KK jumper is used to reset (really do a complete POST) each time
there is a request for a reset. The card takes too much time in doing
the POST that the software times out before the release request is 

Let me know if this solved your problem.


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