Colorado Mag Tape driver for SYSV/386

Michael Borza mike at antel.uucp
Thu Mar 15 00:28:09 AEST 1990

In article <6863 at cps3xx.UUCP> usenet at cps3xx.UUCP (Usenet file owner) writes:
>From article <10622 at ttidca.TTI.COM>, by goroff at kashmir.TTI.COM (Marc Goroff):
>$ I am thinking about using a Colorado Memory Systems 40Mbyte tape drive
>$ as a cheap ($240) backup device for my 386 SysV box at home. It is an
>$ internal drive that sits on a floppy disk controller. CMS claims
>$ to have a driver for Xenix, but not Unix. Does anybody have a driver for
>$ this unit under SysV, or perhaps source code to the Xenix driver??
>$ Any help would be appreciated.
>Pull out your manual for the CMS drive. In it you will find a phone
>number for CMS. Call it. They will sell you a driver for $50. Why post
>on Usenet before calling the company to see if they have one?

hmmm, let's see here.  He's thinking about using one for his machine at
home.  He may not yet own one, ergo he may not already have the manual
for it.  Now he says, "CMS claims to have a driver for Xenix, but not
UNIX".  Sounds to me like he's been in touch with CMS, or possibly a
dealer.  Finally, he asks a seemingly reasonable question "Does anybody
have a driver for SysV?", followed by a (some may argue) less reasonable
question "Does anyone have source to the Xenix driver?"

I fail to see why someone who has already demonstrated (or at least
gives the impression of) a reasonable amount of diligence in getting
answers to his questions through more normal channels should be the
victim of your (mild) flame.  Would you rather that he posted a list of
the names, dates, phone numbers, and verbatim responses he received so
that we may properly judge whether he be chastised here?

>Why post on Usenet before calling the company to see if they have one?
Why flame on Usenet before reading the original post with a critical
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