Keyboard problem with SCO Unix

J. Brian Waters jbwaters at
Sun Mar 11 14:17:09 AEST 1990

I have been having a problem with SCO Unix System V/386 3.2.0a.  When I tried
to install it,  using the main system's keyboard the keyboard would die
at the prompt following the Boot prompt.  I managed to get the OS installed by
using the 'systty' command and using a terminal.  However,  I still can not
get the system to go into multi-user mode.  If I try to use the main keyboard it
still locks up at the 1st prompt following the boot command,  if I use the
terminal I can use the single user mode,  but the system dies when it goes
into multi-user mode.  The last thing it does is print the 'Login:' prompt on
the main units monitor and dies.

I read the pages in the System Adminstrators Guide about fixing Console Keyboard
lockup,  but the fix it mentions had no effect.  My problem seems more severe
then the one mentioned there,  as it always locks up after the initial boot

If any one can offer any help or suggestions to explore it would be much

Brian Waters              <backbone>!{iuvax|pur-ee}!bsu-cs!jbwaters

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