Need help with two Xenix Problems

Aris Stathakis aris at tabbs.UUCP
Fri Dec 7 06:33:35 AEST 1990

In <12181 at> smm at (Stephen Milton) writes:

>First problem:
>  So far the only comm utility that I can get  to work on my Xenix/286 machine
>is cu.  But how do you use sz or rz (zmodem) commands from within cu?  I've
>tried many different methods, but none seem to work.  

Try ECU - a public domain comms program with X/Y/Zmodem (plust more).
It's available from the uunet archives.

It's really nice, and is specifically made for SCO XENIX/UNIX unlike
pcomm which is generic.


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