Altos 2086 -- is TCP/IP and Ethernet available?

Brandon S. Allbery KB8JRR allbery at NCoast.ORG
Sun Dec 2 10:04:41 AEST 1990

As quoted from <1990Nov30.083145.19301 at> by paul at (Paul Gillingwater):
| Is there an Ethernet card available for the Altos 2086?  If so, can
| anyone also supply TCP/IP and ARPA, and maybe even NFS?

Insofar as I am aware, there is no such card available.  And thanks to the
proprietary nature of the system, there probably won't be, either.

-> I may have seen some literature from Altos pricing such beasties, but it
was most likely one of the the "planned but never released" products. <-

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